Beirut Bloody Beirut

BBB is my final masters project, a very personal ,black and white, 47 pages comic book .

It all started out with the following idea : a girl comes back to Lebanon after a trip. She shares a cab at the airport with another girl she just met. But the driver takes a wrong turn, and things start getting strange.

This basic idea was perfect for the intentions and the things i felt like expressing in this comic. The whole scenario was built on the desire to represent Beirut and its various areas. I visited many different areas to get documentation, like Borj El Barajne, Raouché, Geitawi, Tariq el jdide…

As Stendhal said, “un roman, c’est un miroir qu’on promène le long d’un chemin“. Everything that happens in the story is a mirror of Beirut.

Anyway, enjoy some images from the comic. Below are some pages extracted from different scenes.

FINALCover copyfinal

















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